Ireland Agrees To Trans Self-Determination For Gender Recognition Bill

One of the problems that trans people around the world share is identification that matches who they are now, and barriers to acquiring that IDlike requiring genital surgery.

Was nice to hear courtesy of the Transgender Equality Network Ireland thatthe Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, T.D. announced that, following the agreement of Cabinet, the application process under the Gender Recognition Bill will for people aged 18 years or more, be based on the person’s self-declaration by way of a statutory declaration.

The Gender Recognition Bill will also no longer contain the controversial ‘forced divorce’ clause that Irish trans people had serious problems with..

“TENI applauds the Government for this hugely significant move. Ireland has now taken its place as an international leader in this human rights area,” said TENI Chief Executive Broden Giambrone. “The Government has shown great vision and conviction in ensuring the rights of trans people. This legislation will significantly improve the lived realities of trans people in Ireland.”

Speaking after the Cabinet meeting, the Tánaiste said: “Throughout the drafting of this Bill, I have listened carefully to the views of individual citizens, representative groups and public representatives. It is essential that this important legislation is in line with international best practice. That is why we are moving to a self-declaration model for people aged 18 and over. This approach will have no impact on the treatment pathway which is completely separate from the civil registration process.”

TENI Chair Sara R. Phillips said after today’s announcement: “This is a momentous moment. To be given the respect to self-determine our gender is true equality. For once I can believe our community are seen as full equal citizens. Today I am so proud of our country.

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