Introducing NBJC’s Leadership Advisory Council

Y’all know how much love and confidence I have for and in the National Black Justice Coalition.  

I not only love the fact they are like the TransGriot unapologetically Black, I love the fact the NBJC is also about us Black trans and SGL peeps ‘owning our power’ as
NBJC Executive Director Sharon Lettman-Hicks is fond of saying.

They are building working coalitions with others to help us do precisely that and are like yours truly driving home the point that Black LGBT people are part of the kente cloth fabric of African-American society.

Stepping off electronic soapbox, getting to the main point of this post. 

NBJC recently rolled out its Leadership Advisory Council.   The 40 members of the LAC are a distinguished body of exemplary thought leaders with the purpose being to serve as both an incubator of ideas and a
conduit connecting some of the most authentic advocates in our community
to the NBJC leadership. LAC members update NBJC on significant
developments at the core of our community’s needs, strategically assess
the direction of the organization and deepen NBJC’s impact on federal,
state, and local initiatives. They represent a wide range of
geographical regions, professional disciplines, subject matters and

Some of the trans people involved are Kye Allums, Valerie Spencer, and Louis Mitchell.

“LAC members have unapologetically served as positive messengers,
advocates and ambassadors for NBJC in their own communities and
professional and social networks,” says Sharon Lettman-Hicks, NBJC
Executive Director. “The LAC also creates a unique opportunity to
highlight the brilliant and important social justice work of many Black
LGBT leaders across the country.”

Congratulations to all the NBJC LAC members and looking forward to hopefully seeing and meeting you at Out On the Hill this September.

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