Introducing Black T Magazine!

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TransGriot Note:  I have a column in this ground breaking publication.   This is my first article for it.
When I started TransGriot with a midnight EST post on New Year’s Day 2006, it was the first online publication that focused on the issues of Black trans people.

Eleven years later I’m pleased and proud to have been asked to participate in my small way in the launch of another online publication geared toward our community in Black T Magazine.  I have been asked by founding editor Dezjorn Ray Gauthier to write a monthly column for this online magazine.

One of the things I have lamented is that we haven’t had an outlet that talks about trans masculine stories from a Black trans masculine perspective.   While my trans brothers know they are always welcome to submit guest posts at my blog, it’s not the same as having one that is a FUBU production and designed with you in mind.

Dezjorn saw the same media coverage void for trans men of color I did and decided to fill it by   founding Black T Magazine.   And what better time to start it than during Black History Month?

Said Sabrina Samone about the founding of Black T Magazine:

Our warriors of African, Latin, and Asian descent, are far too often placed on the back burner of visibility, even in our own community. It is due to this struggle that he has recently responded to the call of Trans masculine men of color around the world, in creating ‘Black T Magazine’. A magazine that is sure to greatly further the much needed representation of black Trans men. 

Black trans men are an undeniable intertwined part of our Black community and have played major roles in building our trans community.   Pioneers like Wilmer Broadnax and Jim McHarris who unapologetically lived their lives. Early trailblazing trans masculine leaders like Alexander John Goodrum, Marcelle Cook-Daniels and Kylar Broadus who helped pass laws and shape activism in our community  You;re tech entrepreneurs like Dr Kortney Ziegler,  Attorneys like Holiday Simmons.  Models like Laith Ashley

The brothers of Black Transmen, Inc and their founder Carter Brown who are role modeling the change they wish to see in this world    Faith leaders like Rev. Lawrence T. Richardson and Louis Mitchell    Your African Diaspora brothers like Victor Mukasa who battled the Ugandan government to be himself .

Even your trans masculine brothers who are happily married and raising kids are doing your part to show the world that being out, Black, trans masculine and proud is a radical act , we have a right to exist and live our lives just like everyone else on this space rock.

You continue to show each other and the world that you are not stereotypical images of Black manhood but strive to be better for yourselves and our community as a whole.  

And I as your trans sister love you for being those sterling examples of Black masculinity.

While I’m honored to have a column here, I’m not forgetting the fact this is your magazine to tell your stories.  The world needs to hear them, and you need to support Black T magazine so it can accomplish its mission of talking about trans masculinity from your perspective.


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