Inaugural Chicago Trans* Beach Party A Success

Yesterday the guys and girls like us in Chicago held their first annual Trans Pride Beach Party at Ardmore Hollywood Beach which had a dual purpose.

As the Facebook page for the event stated,  ‘While beaches are traditionally not trans* affirming or body positive spaces, we will stake claim and join together in to be present, visible, and proud! We hope you can join us for this celebratory gathering to celebrate our trans* community and remember those we have lost

And stake their claim they did.   

It was not only a moment to build community pride and just have a fun event for the Chicago trans community to gather, it was also a memorial event for our fallen transsister Selma Diaz.   Her body was found less than three miles from that lakefront spot in 2011.

The beach party organized by local trans* leaders Crispin Torres Carmona, Alexis Martinez, Jauna Peralta, Owen Daniel McCarter, Jen Richards and Joey Grantdrew 450 attendees which included kids and allies.  A great time was had by all in attendance and hopefully this is a idea that can be replicated in other parts of the country. 

We need to have events in which we girls and guys like us aren’t gathering for a convention, TDOR, a Trans 101 panel discussion or a community meeting  We need more events in which we gather just to have fun, be visible and just enjoy each others company  for a minute.  

Thanks Chitown trans community for reminding us all of that point.

TransGriot Note:  Group photo by Gretchen Rachel Blickensderfer of Windy City Times.

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