I’m Joining The TS Separatist Ranks

I know this post is going to be a shock to those of you  who have read this blog for years, but after having an interesting conversation with a few separatists last week, they have finally convinced me to leave the ranks of you Tee Gees and join the ever expanding transsexual separatist movement.

What have my people gotten out of being involved and being under the transgender umbrella except being ignored, dissed, and being used for target practice by the people who hate us?  

It’s past time we separated ourselves from the crossdressers of the world who have no intention of being women and who are oppressing transsexuals for their own personal gain.  From now on I’m going to use this blog to tell the truth about how Tee Gee’s have transjacked our history for their nefarious purposes.

I’m also going to reach out to my radical separatist sisters now that I have seen the light in terms of how they are fighting to protect all women from the diabolical plot that Janice Raymond warned us about.

And before y’all start sending me e-mail, check today’s date.   No way in Hades would that happen because I still despise their loud and wrong vanillacentric dogma.

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