I’m Joining HRC

This may come as a shock to all of you who’ve known me for years as one of HRC’s most virulent critics, but I’m pleased to announce that I am joining the Human Rights Campaign outreach team to the African-American GLBT/SGL community.

Some of you may see this as selling out, since I’ve had much to say on this blog and many others about some of the less than honorable stuff this organization’s done in the past to not only impede the rights of transgender people, but ignoring my community as well.

But they asked, and it’s an attractive offer I couldn’t turn down.

In addition I get to go back home just in time to participate in Annise Parker’s historic campaign and reestablish my eligibility to vote in my beloved home state. I’ll get to travel on a regular basis as part of this job, speak to various groups, do interviews and I’m getting paid quite well for doing so. I’m getting tired of doing the right thing for peanuts while others in the GLBT movement are living large. It’s time for me to get paid for my writing and speaking abilities and garner the higher profile I deserve.

Hey, I gotta look out for number one. I gotta eat too, and I like fly designer clothes as well.

Neiman-Marcus here I come.

Oh yeah, I wonder if they make Jimmy Choo pumps in a size 12. Hey it won’t matter, because as much money as I’ll soon be making, I’ll special order them.

Oh yeah, before you flood this post with hate comments, check today’s date at the top of it. πŸ˜‰

16 thoughts on “I’m Joining HRC”

  1. Monica Roberts

    I had to come up with something to top last year’s April Fool’s day post πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m already looking forward to next year’s post. πŸ˜‰

    (Now back to the news.)

  3. Hey, so what if trans people join HRC? Their choice right? Just like it’s my choice to run very very far away from them! LOL

  4. Dang, Monica! I almost got excited for a second!

    This was a good one! I guess we can keep hoping? πŸ˜‰

  5. man – i almost got excited too! my mouth started watering for frenchy’s chicken…and then…..it IS an april fools

    well – i was only excited about the part where you said you’d be coming to houston more often though- really

    i had me a 5 wing special last night from frenchy’s – and i thought about you! and girl – there is a frenchy’s on kirby now (by the reliant) that serves ALCOHOL – LOL – it’s like a real RESTAURANT (well kind of)

  6. Okay, I’m a new reader and a Houstonian. I know this is an April Fools entry, but I was wondering if you really support Annise Parker for mayor.

  7. Hey Monica!

    Har…har…hardee har.

    You got me with that announcement!

    But you really DO need to be all up in HRC blowing the trumpet on their slack attitude about representing black trans issues!

    Peace, blessings and godliness,

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