If You’re Black, Major Difference Between The Two Parties

One of the things that I have to repeatedly make clear to white allies that have the viewpoint that there’s ‘no difference between the two parties’ is that when they say that, they are looking at the situation through a vanillacentric privileged lens.

When you are Black and we hear you say that, we instantly look at you and wonder aloud if you are actually that clueless or willfully ignorant about what the hell is going on now and throughout American history.

And naw Republicans, don’t even try to bring up pre-1964 history about what y’all used to do because we’re in a grown folks political conversation.  We’re talking about your 2016 racist present and how you gleefully compete in your conservafool primary ranks to see who can be the biggest bigot.

Donald Trump Campaigns Across New Hampshire Ahead Of Primary Day

Don’t like it that I’m putting the GOP on blast for their racism, have several seats at the next Donald Trump or Ted Cruz hate rally and shut the hell up.

But back to the post.  It matters to me and every African-American what party controls the White House, Capitol Hill, our governor’s mansions, our statehouses, our county courthouses, our city halls and our judicial benches.  We know that Republicans haven’t done and have no intention of doing anything that helps Black America (or any non-white American) prosper and grow. That should be obvious to anyone who has been politically wide awake over the last four decades or peruses American history.

They have a deep seated hatred of Black people, and it comes out with every anti-Black comment from conservative media, every Republican on the campaign trail in a local, state or national election. and every racist bill they pass from GOP controlled legislatures.

So since it has been blatantly obvious to us for some time now that in order for Black Americas to get any semblance of a fair shake in this country, it’s why we must have and vote in large numbers for Democrats at all levels of government to make that happen.

The Republicans not only don’t care about my people, they are at times dripping with contempt and seething anti-Black hatred of us.  So why would I waste my precious vote for a GOP politician that hates me?  Parading sellouts like Ben Carson or Mia Love or broadcasting short skirted FOX fembots like Harris Faulkner or Stacey Dash on that propaganda network won’t change the reality that conservatism doesn’t benefit my community.

There is no lesser of two political evils for Black Americans.  The GOP as far as many of us are concerned is evil towards African-Americans.  Their policy stances and Donald Trump’s racist rise to the top of the 2016 GOP presidential nomination class are the proof that ossifies our less than complimentary impressions of that party. The only good Republican politician as far as many of us are concerned is an out of office Republican or one that loses an election.

Another question you need to ponder in this 2016 election cycle.   If you want the government to work, why would you elect someone who hates government to run it?  As Flint, GOP controlled states and the GOP gridlock in Washington emphatically demonstrates, the Republican Party and conservatism sucks at efficiently running a government so that it is fair and just to all its citizens.

And as we African-Americans are painfully aware of, that GOP definition of ‘the American people’ doesn’t include us.

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