I’d Like To See More Positive Films That Feature Trans Women Period

When I was checking out my Twitter feed Saturday night, noted a comment Isis made about how she wished she could see more romantic films that featured transwomen in them.

I presume she was talking about that new romantic film in Bangladesh with a trans character that has become a runaway hit there.  I concur with my little sis’ thoughts on that subject 

But how about we get Hollywood to start casting transwomen in trans roles as a starting point, then go from there to non stereotypical trans characters to ones in romantic roles?

I know that Isis, Laverne, Alexandra, Calpernia, Candis, Jamie, Harmony and other trans actresses would love to play those types of romantic interest roles as soon as possible and I’d love to see that happen for them as well.   Since we trans women of color haven’t gotten much positive Hollywood picture love, definitely would like to see myself accurately depicted on a silver screen before the end of the decade.    

I said this back in March 2009 and it’s even more prescient in the wake of Isis’ comment.  

What’s going to have to happen is that transwomen are going to have to write, produce and direct their own stories, and one of those indie films is going to have to make enough money and garner enough awards to get the peeps in Hollywood’s attention.

I think that’s still the case three years later.  

With trans human rights and issues getting more coverage and attention around the world, this is our moment to press Hollywood to consider doing these types of productions because we need to see trans people positively reflected in popular culture.

And the sooner it happens, the better. 

The more positive portrayals in popular culture we get, the faster on trans rights struggle will gain traction and be ensconced in the general public minds that we are just like everyone else in society  because frankly, we are.

Transpeople have hopes, dreams, aspirations, complex personalities, interesting stories to tell and are looking for people to love us.   We also want our lives accurately depicted on the silver and small screens, too.

So yes, I’d like to see more positive films produced in Hollywood that feature trans people not only as major characters, but take the additional step of having trans actors in them.   Wile I’m not mad and I’m flattered that beautiful and talented cis women actresses such as Rebecca Romijn, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Kerry Washington have portrayed transwomen in the past, it’s time to give some work to trans actresses as well who intimately know what is like to be #girlslikeus.

And if we have to write those scripts or produce those films our damned selves in order to accurately tell our stories, then that’s all good too.

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