I Repeat White People: Just Say No To Blackface


‘But I’m willing to bet some arrogant vanillacentric privileged fool will ignore this advice and find themselves in a media caca storm for doing exactly what I’m warning them not to do.’–TransGriot September 24, 2015  ‘For Halloween 2015, Just Say No To Blackface’

Didn’t I call it?   Post wasn’t even up a week before the first fool got busted for not saying no to blackface in the person of Friedel Kushman, who couldn’t say no to blackface, bragged about doing so on Facebook and paid for her lack of Halloween vision with her job.

Now comes news that a UCLA fraternity and sorority that jointly hosted a ‘Kanye Western’ party couldn’t resist the urge to wallow in offensive stereotypes.

Damn White people, just say no to blackface.   Your future career prospects, unless you’re applying for internships in the Republican Party or some conservafool think tank, depend on it.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon frat chapter on campus is suspended pending an investigation and Alpha Psi sorority will probably suffer the same fate in addition to having their blackfaced bigotry blasted all over the Southland in local LA media.

Once again White people, just say no to blackface.  It is offensive to my people, there is no justification for it under ANY circumstances, and my people’s lives and culture are not a costume for you to put on and mock.

And I’d be willing to bet if you had to permanently live our Black lives 24/7/365, y’all couldn’t handle one hour of it.


But alas. I’ll probably have more instances of white people running wild with blackface and getting in trouble for it posted on this blog before October 31 gets here.

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