I Repeat People, I’m NOT Evangelist Denise K. Matthews

One of the more amusing things that keeps happening is that for some reason, ever since I wrote the 50th birthday post wishing Evangelist Denise K. Matthews a happy birthday, every now and then I get people e-mailing stuff to me that is clearly meant for her.

I ended up writing a post that clearly stated that this is TransGriot and not Ms. Matthews’ site, but it seems that some peeps failed reading comprehension back in their school days.

Peep the latest comment that got caught in my spam filter.

Hello blessed Ms. Matthews,

God bless you in all your works and endeavors in praising God’s
teachings and works. If you ever decide in your spare time to visit SW
Florida, There’s a few churches out here that are very spiritual . Feel
free to contact me either in email: palomoiiijosej@yahoo.com, facebook,
or by telephone (XXX) XXX-XXXX and when you’re here I’d love to meet you
in person and become your lifelong brother and friend in Jesus Christ.
Anyway, keep up the blessed works and teachings you inspire to others.
Looking forward to have a spiritual bondage and a mutual friendship with
you. God Bless, Jose J. Palomo III

Hello Jose and ‘errbody’ else who can’t read the TransGriot header at the top of this blog.  Although I deeply appreciate you coming to my cyberhome, this is not Evangelist Matthews’ blog and I am in no way connected to her website.  

I primarily discuss transgender issues here in addition to other subjects including at times spirituality and religion.  If you wish to direct comments to her you need to surf in this direction.

As I said before, while I wouldn’t mind looking like her, I’m Moni and I’m happy and comfortable with the skin I’m in,.and the feminine journey I’m traveling.  Would love to meet her one day as well and who knows, maybe that day might happen. 

She’s living her life and walking in her pumps and I’m doing the same to the best of my ability.

But still people, if you want to contact Evangelist Matthews, do it on her website

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