I Repeat: It’s Time To Start Talking About Trans Senior Issues

I wrote the original post in October of last year in the hopes of jump starting some discussion and conversation on trans senior issues.

Our first and second wave trans peeps are either passing away, now heading into retirement age or some of us are starting to get or will soon be receiving our AARP cards.  

I recently saw a link on my FB page concerning a March 2010 WBEZ-FM story which featured and interviewed retired Chicago transwoman Gloria Allen. 

She was living in public housing for seniors and faced a bias attack from another tenant,but ain’t staying silent about it.  Once and activist, always an activist.  

Time waits for no one.  You may wish to get busy helping Gloria and other trans seniors like her.  We need to be cognizant of the fact that as we fight for jobs, medical coverage and other human rights issues pertinent to transpeople in our nation and around the planet, we also need to doing some hard solid thinking about quality of life issues and human rights for trans seniors and how to safeguard our human rights when we hit retirement age.

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