Leonie Dorado Becomes Bolivia’s First Out Trans Television Host

I like to remind our baby trans  and seasoned trans peeps that when you come out as trans, your family expands, not contracts.  You gain siblings not only here in the US, but around the world.

It’s because of that when trans persons are making history elsewhere, it’s something that we celebrate around the world.

Meet 26 year old Leonie Dorado.   She thought she’d be pursuing a career in music as a singer and piano player, and is currently working on a degree in modern music at Bolivia’s National Conservatory of Music.

Bolivia's first transgender news anchor puts LGBTQ issues front ...

But sometimes life throws you curveballs that you didn’t expect.  For Leonie, that was an offer to get into journalist and co-host the Aby Ayala TV television program.   She jumped at the chance to do so, and in the process, has become the first openly trans person on television in Bolivia’s history.

She wants to use her television platform to educate her viewers about the issues she and other TBLGQ+  people experience there, and judging by this comment, she’s off to a great start. .

“The LGBT community is a group of millions of people who demand human rights, labor rights, rights to have their lives respected.  This is what has moved me to be part of the project,” said Dorado. 

 She also said this in a message to her Facebook followers during Pride Month.

Leonie Dorado, la primera presentadora transgénero de la ...

“It’s exciting to live on a day like today, which since 1969 marked the beginning of the liberation movement calling for progress in government policies and decisions on human rights,” she wrote. “The most relevant thing in my life is not the fact that I am trans, I consider it to be one of the least important things about me. Let’s bet to strive to develop our capabilities to be brilliant in what we decide to dedicate ourselves, to bet on our dreams and go for them, to appreciate the best in others, to leave a world something better knowing that at least one life has been encouraged more freely thanks to ours.” 

Congrats on the new journalism gig, Leonie.   Think you’re going to be great at it. 


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