I Can’t Breathe

Neither can I.

Still pissed off and wondering what the hell those Staten Island grand jurors were thinking?

But the protests are continuing not only here in New York, but across the nation as people express how fed up they are with po-po’s gone wild, killing unarmed Black people, and then escaping punsihment for it.

Now that the feds get a crack at this case, we’ll see how this one transpires.

Word of warning to my white friends rights now.   Black America is in F**k Da Police mode right now, and highly pissed off after seeing muliple Black people of all ages getting killed by white cops with no accountability or punishment.  It would be wise of you to not repeat any Conservafool talking points or that ‘not all cops are bad’ line.

We don’t wanna hear that crap right now.  #BlackLivesMatter. Until the po-po’s stop treating us as if we’re all suspects they can kill with impunity, they are all bad apples until proven innocent.

The police forces of this country have historically proven to us they are hostile to gleefully hateful to African-Americans.   So until they change that pattern, we’ll be singing NWA for the next few weeks.

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