How You Like The 2015 Houston Astros Now?

How you like the Astros now, Yankee fans?

Been taking crap from a certain Mr. Watts for his Rangers (ugh) winning the AL West over my fave baseball team after they led for most of the 2015 season and into the AL Wild Card Playoff Game last night against the New York Skankees  Yankees.

There was much trash talking over the last few days on my FB page by certain Yankee fans (Mia Macy) about how my boys were going down, et cetera. 

This was the first Astros playoff game not only since they were forced to move by Bud Selig to the American League, but since they won the National League championship in 2005

Guess Mia and those loud and wrong Yankee fans forgot that the Astros won the season series against their club, their offense has gone south since late September, and they were facing our 20 game winning Cy Young Award candidate ace pitcher n Dallas Keuchel. 

Dallas Keuchel gets the nod to start for the Astros.

And oh yeah,  the Astros hit 230 home runs, second in the majors this season.

I gleefully watched along with much of Houston Keuchel shut out the Yankees again for six innings as Colby Rasmus and Carlos Gomez slugged solo shots off MasahiroTanaka that propelled the precocious Astros to a 3-0 shutout win over the vaunted Yankees and into the ALDS against the defending AL champion Kansas City Royals

Beware KC fans thinking this will be an easy series.  We won the regular season series against the Royals too

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