Houston’s FOX 26 Is Demonizing The Trans Community Again

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I’ve noted to my dismay ever since I returned home from Louisville in May 2010 the rightward slant of the news department at KRIV-TV.  One of the other things I’m not fond of concerning FOX 26 is the ongoing pattern they have of demonizing, attacking and peddling disinformation about the Houston LGBT community.

And I’ve called them and their reporters who engage in it out about that crap.

It is a pattern at FOX 26 that was abundantly clear during the fight to keep the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance and their slanted anti-TBLGQ coverage lead was unfortunately followed by other television stations in the Houston market.  It has continuedpost HERO.

With the Special Oppression Session on the horizon in Austin, news coverage is starting to ramp up in advance of it.  Thanks to Media Matters, I was made aware of this problematic July 9 KRIV-TV panel since I’m not in the habit of watching FOX 26 because of their slanted and transphobic news coverage.

This latest FOX 26 panel I’m slamming was in response to the recent New Yorker article in which Texas House speaker Joe Straus (R) expressed his opposition to these anti-trans bills and said that he didn’t want the death of a single Texan on his hands as a result of SB 6 and HB 2899.

Do you notice the problem with this panel?  You probably do if you’re a Houston area or Texas based trans person or Texas trans ally. But for those of you who don’t see it,  the problem is there are ZERO Houston area trans advocates among the six people being interviewed for this segment.

Guess it’s easier to demonize a group FOX 26 when you don’t invite them to your studio so they can push back against the anti-trans narrative you’re trying to peddle.

Next time you wish to do a panel that discusses the lives of trans people FOX 26, it may help if you have actual Houston trans people as part of that discussion instead of a bunch of cisgender people and Republican haters who are ignorant, hostile and deliberately obtuse about our trans lives and the issues we face.

But then again, your conservative sycophants probably don’t want that to happen because every time they have run up against a Houston trans advocate on your airwaves, they’ve gottentheir azz handed to them.

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