Houston Trans Community Unity Banquet This Saturday

Saturday April 28 will see the renewal of one of the signature events for the Houston trans community in our  annual Unity Banquet sponsored by the Houston Transgender Unity Committee.

The 20th annual edition of the Unity Banquet will take place at the Sheraton Brookhollow Hotel on Saturday and it has been one of the key reasons why we work as a unified front when it comes to trans human rights issues.   It also serves as a way for us to interface with Houston area allies as well.

The Unity Banquet also serves as a fundraising event for the Peggy Rudd Transgender Scholarship Fund.

I haven’t been to one since 2001, and as of this writing still not sure if I’ll be in the house for my first one since I returned home, but for those of you who can, you may wish to check it out and have a nice meal with some of the wonderful people in the Houston trans community and our allies for a great cause.

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