Houston Po-Po’s Behaving Badly And…

Getting away with it so far.

I wrote a post last February about an ugly incident in which Houston Police Department officers were caught on videotape beating teenage robbery suspect Chad Holley while taking him into custody in March 2010    

The four HPD officers involved, Andrew Blomberg, Phil Bryan, Raad Hassan and Drew Ryser were indicted on misdemeanor official suppression charges and terminated.   Bryan and Hassan also were terminated from HPD and charged with violation of the civil rights of a prisoner, also a misdemeanor.

Andrew Blomberg, the first of the officers to be tried went in front of an all white jury this week at the Harris County Courthouse on those misdemeanor oppression charges.   Care to guess what happened in his case when it went to the jury  for deliberation at noon CDT Tuesday and returned with the verdict shortly after 11 AM CDT yesterday?

If you said Blomberg was acquitted, go to the head of the post-racial society my azz class.

Mayor Annise Parker said, “I do not agree with the verdict. No way he will ever again be a Houston police officer.”   It’s also a sentiment to which HPD police chief Charles McClelland concurs with.

Of course Houston’s African-American community and community activists are furious about another instance of Houston po-po’s behaving badly and once again being let off the hook by an all-white jury .  

African-American community
activists gathered in the hallway outside the courtroom according to th Houston Chronicle yelled
“Racism!” and “Injustice!” after hearing the outcome.

“It is pathetic. It is unacceptable,” the Rev. James Dixon of the Community of Faith Church
said of the jury’s decision. “This kind of expression says to me, to my
children and to every black child in the city, ‘Your life is not
worth manure.'”  

They don’t have any respect for African-American transwomen’s lives either Rev Dixon, so join the club.

Quanell X,
the Houston community activist who had released the video of the alleged
beating to the media, called the verdict “wrong” and criticized the lack
of blacks or other minorities on the six-person jury.

“They knew what they were doing with an all-white jury,” he said to the Chronicle.

Yep Quanell, another sign of the Apocalypse.   For once I agree with you.

Of course, Blomberg’s defense attorney Dick DeGuerin tried to tap dance around that inconvenient fact of the melanin-free jury by claiming  “it is not and was not a racial thing.” but quickly asserting like pees who wallow in vanillacentric privilege that “It’s been made into that by others for their own reasons.”

When he was asked
according to the Chronicle article why there weren’t any blacks or other ethnic minorities on the jury, DeGuerin said
most of the African-Americans in the jury pool had already made up their
minds that Blomberg was guilty.  

Oh really Dick DeGuerin?  And most of the white jurors in the jury pool didn’t have their minds made up that Blomberg was innocent?   That’s vanilla scented bull feces.

And this kind of racist crap is why many African-Americans not only look side eyed at the po-po’s, but in many cases consider our police departments to be the stormtroopers for whiteness and white supremacy.

Well, thanks to the just-us system, we can already guess how the other three trials are going to turn out.

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