Houston LGBT Positive Impact Day On Sunday

On Sunday night, the opposition to HERO will be meeting in a rally at Grace KKKomunity Church that as usual will be full of anti-LGBT bile, hate and anger.

Our Houston LGBT community will be meeting,
too, but with a very different goal in mind.

At 2 PM on Sunday, we’ll
be meeting at Montrose Grace Place (at 2515 Waugh, housed in Grace
Lutheran Church). Grace Place provides services for LGBT homeless youth.
Please bring canned goods, nonperishable food items and gently worn or
new clothing items, which we will donate to Grace Place. While the HERO
opposition is creating noise about taking rights away, we’ll be creating
a positive effect on the lives of people in Houston.

But we’re not only going to be creating a better present for people in our community Sunday – we’ll be working for a positive
future, too. Wear comfortable shoes, because after you drop off your
donation, you can pick up a walk list to go speak to voters in the
surrounding neighborhoods to make sure they get out to vote on Tuesday for
candidates who share our values. We’ll be pushing the endorsement card
of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus PAC.

The HERO movement has
always been about creating a better future for all Houstonians. We’ll
be doing that Sunday, and the contrast between our efforts and the
negativity of the opposition will send a strong message. Please join us.

UPDATE: We have received some specific requests from Grace Place. Please bring:

Winter clothes, Socks, Sleeping Bags, Toiletries, Hand-warmers, Mini-flashlights, blankets,
Also, we will be collecting for Bering Omega Hospice.

We are asking people to bring:
Towels, wash clothes, robes, handi-wipes

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