Houston Hate Crimes Town Hall Meeting Next Sunday

According to the latest hate crime statistics, in 2013 there were five hate crimes reported that targeted lesbian, gay and bisexual Houstonians.

And how many were there reported that targeted transgender Houstonians?   ZERO.

Those are unbelievable numbers in a city of over two million people and no non-discrimination law on the books covering us at the time and suggests that the actual number of hate crimes directed at the Houston TBLG community is being vastly under reported.

In order to learn directly from Houston’s LGBT
community about bias crimes in Houston, the Matthew Shepard Foundation
and the Montrose Center will be hosting a Town Hall meeting.

2 – 3 PM
General meeting about hate crimes and anti-LGBT bias in Houston

3:15 – 4:15 PM
The transgender-specific experience

We want to hear your experience with anti-LGBT harassment and violence in Houston, or the experiences of people you know.

For example, if you experienced anti-LGBT aggression of some kind, did you report it to the police?

If you did, was it investigated properly?

If you didn’t report it to the police, what kept you from reporting it?

What changes would the Houston  LGBT community need to see in order to feel fully confident that law
enforcement will investigate and prosecute hate crimes?

learning more about the actual state of anti-LGBT bias in Houston, we
believe the accuracy of future hate crimes reporting will be improved,
and future hate crimes will be documented and prosecuted by law
enforcement. This will ultimately make Houston safer for everyone.

This is a listening session. No law enforcement personnel will be
there. We are committed to provide a safe space for those in attendance.

This will take place next Sunday at the Montrose Center, 408 Branard St

If you have been the
victim of a hate crime, whether or not you reported it, you can come
talk to a therapist at the Montrose Center at no charge. The Montrose Center often sees
people who have kept it a secret for years and years. It is never too
late to get help. Call 713-529-0037 x328 to speak with their Hate Crimes

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