Houston Election Day 2015!

In a few hours the polls will open for a Houston mayoral election the whole world will be watching.

The peeps who didn’t early vote will be heading to their local precincts to cast ballots that will not only determine who sits in those nice leather chairs around The Horseshoe for the next two years, but who will become our next mayor succeeding the term limited Annise Parker.

And yeah, there’s a proposition on the ballot to determine the fate of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance I’ve had a lot to say about over the last few months.

The polls open at 7 AM CST and will close 12 hours later at 7 PM.  If you don’t know where you go to vote today, here’s the link to find out.    

METRO is also providing free rides to the polls.   Just show your voter registration card to the operator as you board the bus or train to do so.

So how do I feel as the clock ticks to the 7 AM start of a critical election for the future of a human rights law I and a team of Houstonians fought to get passed last year?

Nervous, frustrated and angry right now.

No matter what the result of the election will be later today, and I hope the human rights progressive side of my hometown I’m proud of prevails, the bottom line is the Houston trans community is going to have to deal with the fallout from the anti-trans ignorance spread since April 2014 by the HERO haters.

So Houston peeps, handle your electoral business and not only vote YES on Prop 1, but for mayoral and city council candidates that will fight to improve the HERO and not kill it.

We’ll see if I have a reason for my mood to change in a few hours.

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