Houston Astros Inaugural Game Anniversary

This is a bittersweet season for Houston Astros fans since this is the last one in the National League no thanks to Bud Selig before we get forcibly moved to the American League, but fifty years ago today the Houston Colt 45’s played their inaugural National League game in town at Colt Stadium against the Chicago Cubs.  

It was a successful debut as the Colt 45’s routed the Cubs 11-2.

The Colt 45’s eventually finished that maiden season 64-98 and in eighth place in the National League ahead of the Cubs and the New York Mets, but it would be three more years before the Astrodome would open, the nickname of the team changed to the Astros and 1972 before the team would experience its first pennant race.   

But it was the first season of 50 years of major league baseball in H-town, and it started on a winning note today.

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