Homophobic Presentation Happening In Philly Saturday

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This kind of crap is why Dan Savage’s ‘Blacks are more homophobic’ lie is hard for us to kill.

This Saturday some clueless kneegrow is going to step into the Universal Audenried Charter High School venue in a city he can’t spell and give a homophobic lecture that does nothing but spread unnecessary animus in our community.

And this why I have a major problem with many of the peeps in the Nation of Islam.  They are far too busy peddling anti-TBLGQ nonsense that does nothing to unify our community.

Too bad I won’t be in the Philadelphia area to relentlessly mock and snatch wigs in that event., so I’m going to throw my shade from long distance.

If you wish to mock and protest the dissemination of anti-TBLGQ propaganda in person Philly TBLGQ fam, the school is located at 3301 Tasker St/, PHILADELPHIA, PA, 19145 .

Image may contain: 1 person, standingWho is this kneegrow ‘Dr’ Wesley Muhammad?  He’s definitely trying to pump up the fact you can’t watch this hot mess of a lecture on YouTube or Facebook. 

And I presume he got his ‘doctorate’ from the same place Umar Johnson acquired his.

I wouldn’t be surprised if our old friend James David Manning didn’t ride the train down from NYC to join them  Does he still have his Harlem hate church?

And how exactly do you ‘make a homosexual’?  Do you lock them up in a room and force them to sing show tunes for hours?  Watch RuPaul’s Drag Race on an endless loop?  Do reverse  reparative therapy?   

Tell me, because my inquiring mind wants to know. 

Wesley, one thing I’m quite aware of in my 55 years and counting of life on Planet Earth and my 37 years observing and being around the TBLGQ community that homosexuals are born, not manufactured.

And since you were whining about ‘feminization of the male baby’, let me school your ignorant azz about basic biology.   All human life at conception is FEMALE.   A little less testosterone in vitro and you would have come out of mommy’s womb in a female body answering to a feminine name

It has also been an observation of mine that those who doth protesteth too loudly and are virulently anti- gay, especially when they are standing in a pulpit or behind a lectern screeching their anti-TBLGQ hate speech are usually the ones involved in or desiring same gender loving relationships. 

But as we know, homohaters gotta hate.

Blaina and Antoine, what’s your review of this upcoming gaybaiting fest?

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Here’s hoping the Philadelphia TBLGQ community will give you the welcome you so richly deserve, especially since you mispelled the name of the city on your poster..

TransGriot Update:   In the wake of my post, I understand from my Philly fam that Muhammad’s invite to speak has been rescinded.    He’s taking his hate speech down I-95 to the Muhammad Mosque #35 in Wilmington, DE 


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