Home Sweet Humidity

Well peeps, I’m back in H-town after my double secret Washington DC trip in which I spent this weekend handling some activism business I can’t talk about. 

And don’t ask because I signed a confidentiality agreement to ensure I can’t talk about it.  

Yeah, what I experienced this weekend was that serious 

But what I can talk about is how we did so on a well-fed stomach, I saw another one of my blogs avid fans and readers Saturday night (Hi, Karen!) and got to see the MLK Jr. Memorial all lit up in nighttime mode.

Was a little bummed I had to leave before it was over, but got a nice surprise when I arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in the ATL.  When I arrived at gate C-4 from DCA discovered my Hobby departure gate changed to C-2 from C-21.   I had to use the restroom, and when I emerged from it Kylar Broadus was standing near that spot waiting for his connecting flight back home checking his e-mail on his cell phone.

I stopped when I heard his voice say, ‘You look familiar.”  We both laughed, then had an impromptu meeting at my gate while I killed time waiting from my Houston flight to board.

I was also greeted by something else when I arrived back in Houston I haven’t experienced there in a few days:. sunshine and humidity.   My departure flight on the Thursday Houston-ATL leg was delayed, and then ATC ground stopped after we pushed off the gate due to an early morning thunderstorm that snarled air traffic.

Thank to Jeri and her wonderful roomie Robin for letting me crash at their place Thursday evening and for the invite to the double secret event.

At any rate, I’m home in one piece.  Had a wonderful time seeing everyone in DC I was collaborating with on the double secret stuff.  For you DC folks who missed me this go round, you”ll get another chance soon, probably when the 2012 edition of Out On The Hill kicks off in September.


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