Here Comes The SCOTUS 2015-16 Session

It’s the first Monday in October, and that means a new Supreme Court term is about to commence that will run until June.

We saw what happened at the end of the 2014-2015 term last June with the landmark Obergfell ruling that legalized same sex marriage across the nation and still has the wingers in a tizzy.  

What SCOTUS ruling will come out of this 2015-16 session and cases they have agreed to hear that will please some people and piss others off since we are still stuck with a 5-4 conservafool leaning majority?  

Will there be another landmark ruling in this 2015-16 session?.

This is also where I remind y’all that the upcoming 2016 presidential election is all about what shape the SCOTUS takes for the rest of your lives and much of your children’s lives.

So here come the SCOTUS judges in a few hours.

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