“Her Mothers Keeper” A Hateful Homicide S2 Ep 4

Claire Legato honor ad for The National Coalition of Anti- Violence Programs 2020. 

A Hateful Homicide Season 2 Episode 4 The Murder of Claire Legato: “Her Mother’s Keeper” began on the morning of  April 15, 2019, with the  shooting of 21-year-old transgender woman Claire Legato by her mother’s boyfriend 61-year-old John Charles Booth. 

The hateful argument occurred Monday  at 4 a.m. in the front yard of Legato’s home on East 147th Street, North of St. Clair Avenue in the city’s Collinwood neighborhood, when a single gunshot rang out. The Collinwood neighbors immediately woke up, some were already getting ready for the Monday morning workday, when they started hearing a single gunshot go off, and called 911. Emergency personnel reach the home Claire shared with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend John, where she is raced to the hospital with a single gunshot wound to the head.  Claire is then placed into a medically induced coma for almost a month before her case becomes a hateful homicide on Tuesday May 14, 2019 just 5 months shy of her 22nd birthday. Her best friend Fred stated, “Once you got to know her, she was basically that best friend you always wanted when you were growing up. When you were going through something, she knew how to make you feel better.” The hateful homicide of Claire Legato shocked and saddened the City of Cleveland, Ohio. 

When detectives arrived on the  scene theyLegato’s mother identified John as the shooter, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The perpetrator, the victim’s own  stepfather John Charles Booth was apprehended and placed into police custody charged with felonious assault in connection with the shooting. As John is being interrogated in the Cleveland Police Department, Claire is rushed to hospital and placed into a medically induced coma after surviving surgery. Unfortunately Claire never regains consciousness and as a result is removed from life support on Tuesday May 14, 2019 at 10:30am central standard time. John Charles Booth’s charges now includes felonious assault and second degree murder, he pleads not guilty and placed in custody without bond and has to remain in jail until his trial. 

Claire had vast interests and aspirations that spanned from cosmetology to reality TV to music. She was a gifted musician who knew how to play the clarinet, keyboard, and violin, according to her godmother Frances K. Crenshaw. Claire, who graduated from Collinwood High School, was also a talented dancer. She is survived by her mother, father, siblings, and a host of friends, extended and chosen family. Claire was intending to begin her cosmetology career by entering into cosmetology school just several months before the hateful homicide. All she wanted to do on the morning of April 15th 2019, was to be her mother’s keeper and keep her stepfather from attacking her mother and as a result lost her life. Hear more details about the hateful homicide of Claire Legato here. Follow us on IG@ahatefulhomicide your host Mallery Jenna Robinson @MalleryJenna90. 

Claire Legato circa 2018 




Written by: Mallery Jenna Robinson

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