Help Jenna Win The Miss Canada Universe People’s Choice Award

The 2012 edition of the Miss Universe Canada pageant as you know will make history with Jenna Talackova becoming the first transwoman being allowed to compete in it.   

This pageant also has a People’s Choice Award in which you get to vote for one of the contestants with the winner being announced during the prelim show on May 17.

The voting for the People’s Choice Award is happening now as I compile this post, and as a way for us to show some support for our trans sister let’s see if we can help her win that People’s Choice Award. 

You can click on that link which will take you to the People’s Choice Award section of the Miss Canada Universe website and vote for Jenna.

The winner will be announced during the May 17 preliminary broadcast

Here’s hoping she not only wins the People’s Choice Award but wins Miss Canada Universe on May 19.

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