Headed To Washington DC Again!

Moni’s headed to Washington DC as you read this post to handle some weekend business can’t really talk about until it’s over.

Leaving out of Hobby (sorry IAH airline family) and traveling through the ATL to get to Washington National (I refuse to call that airport Reagan International).  Every time I connect through Atlanta I think about this old airline joke and chuckle when I arrive there.

If you’re going to heaven or hell, you’ll have to change planes in Atlanta.  

And yes, I wrote a few posts for you TransGriot readers to persuse and enjoy while I’m flying the friendly skies.  I’m also planning on making a beeline for Five Guys when I get to DCA. .     

But I’m going to enjoy getting out of Houston for a moment even though it’s been cooler this week than it usually is in July thanks to the rain and cloudy conditions we’ve had for the last few days.   I submit the NAACP delegates are happy they’re here in H-town while we’re getting a break from our usual blast furnace heat and humidity.

I get to chill for a minute when I get to DC Thursday night before I enter the Cone of Silence Friday through Sunday about the reason for my trip.

At any rate, those of you I get to see inside I-495, looking forward to hanging out with you and I’ll see you when I get there.

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