Headed To Austin To Fight Back Against SB 4

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Well, looks like I’m going to be making another trip to Austin in a  few hours.

I was asked to be a speaker at this Memorial Day event to loudly proclaim to the world that we are not down with the actions our oppressive Texas Republican controlled government took in passing the unjust SB 4.

Since 2009, the combined non-white population of Texas outnumbers white people, which is probably why the Texas RepubliKKKans were hellbent on passing this unjust and racist legislation.

They are failing to heed the lessons from the previous times Republican controlled state legislatures passed unjust anti-immigration laws like California’s Prop 187 and Arizona’s SB 1070.

In California, it incensed and galvanized the state’s Latinx population to get involved politically, and that mobilized Latinx population helped flip the state blue in less than a decade.   And FYI Texas Republicans, California, like Texas is another state in which brown folks outnumber white ones.

The Texas GOP oppressors know it too, which is why they passed the unconstitutional voter suppression laws that target Black and Latinx voters and gerrymandered the state to negatively impact non-white Texans.    It’s why we need to #FireTheTexasGOP in 2018

Looking forward to spending Memorial Day with my Latinx siblings and expressing my disgust about SB 4.  

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