HBAD Endorsement Meeting Today!

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The Texas primary election date of March 3 is rapidly approaching, and so is the start of early voting in the Lone Star State on February 18.

That meant that for the second consecutive Satuday I got up out of bed early so that I could be at the  Sunnyside area venue in which the Houston Black Area Democrats (H-BAD) endorsement meeting was being held before it started at 9 AM.

It was my first time doing their endorsement meeting, and was nice seeing old freinds and meeting some new ones.  I laughed when I got asked the question by a few people in attendance if I was running for office in this cycle, and when I said ‘Not yet”, that question truned into ‘When was I going to run for office?

91 people screened for the H-BAD endorsement, which is one of the Big Four endorsements of Houston progressive Democratic politics. 

These endorsement meetings can have a lot of drama that rivals the best reality TV shows.  There’s twists and turns.   People getting endorsements as expected, and others who didn’t get it from the screening committe, but who flipped it once itgot to the meeting. 

People can win or lose endorsements based on what they say that sways the people in the room or pisses them off.

Here are the folks who after six hours, walked out with those coveted H-BAD endorsements:

US Senate- Amanda Edwards 

US Representative District 2- Sima Ladjevarian   

US Representative District 18-  Sheila Jackson Lee

US Representative District 22- Derrick Reed 

Member TX State Board of Education District 6– Michelle Palmer 

TX State Senator Disctrict 13– Borris Miles 

TX State Representative District 27– Ron Reynolds

TX State Representative District 126- Natali Hurtado 

TX State Representative District  131- Alma A. Allen 

TX State Representative Distrct 138-Akilah Bacy 

TX State Represntative District 139-  Jarvis Johnson

TX State Reprsentative  District 141- Senfronia Thompson 

TX State Representative District 142– Richard Bonton 

TX State Represntative District 146 –Shawn Nicole Thierry

TX State Representative District 147- Garnet F. Coleman

Cheif Justice Texas Supreme Court –Amy Clark Meacham

Justice, Texas Supreme Court Place 6- Kathy Cheng

Justice Texas Supreme Court, Place 7- Staci Williams 

Justice Texas Supreme Court Place 8- Peter Kelly
Justice, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals  Place 3 – William Pieratt Demond  

Justice, Texas Court  of Appeals District 14- Jane Robinson

Justice  Texas Court of Appeals 1st District, Place 3 –Veronica Rivas-Molloy

Justice, Texas Court of Appeals  1st District Place 5- Amparo Monique Guerra

Justice Texas Court of Appeals 14th District  Place 7- Tamika Craft

District Judge  80th Judicial District-  Larry Weiman 

District Judge  164th Judicial District- Alexandra Smoots Thomas 

District Judge  165th Judicial District- Ursula Hall 

District Judge  176th Judicial District-  Nikita ‘Niki’ Harmon

District Judge  179th Judicial District-  No Endorsement 

District Judge  333rd Judicial District-  Daryl Moore   

District Judge  334th Judicial District-  Dawn Deshea Rogers

District Judge  337th Judicial District – Brennen Dunn

District Judge  339th Judicial District- Te’iva Bell

District Judge 351st  Judicial District – Natalia ‘Nata’ Cornelio 

District Judge 507th Judicial District-  Julia Maldonado

Harris County District Attorney – Carvana Cloud

Harris Ciunty Attorney- Christian Dashaun Menefee 

Harris County Sheriff – Ed Gonzales  

Harris County Tax Assessor Collector – Jolanda Jones

Harris County Commissioner Precinct 1- Rodney Ellis

Harris County Commissioner Precinct 3- Morris Overstreet 

Harris County Constrable Precinct 1 –Alan Rosen 

Harris County Civil Court At Law Number  4- Lesley Briones

Harris County Justice of the Peace Precinct 6 Place 1 – Victor Trevino III

Harris County Justice of the Peace Precinct 7 Place 1 –  Jeremy  L. Brown 


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