HB 2899

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An MKR Poem

Texas GOP

Why you hatin’ on trans me?

Wasting valuable legislative time

Trying the pass an unjust HB 2899

Is it because you wanna be?

Oppressors like your grandpappy?

Because you want to dictate to me

The bathroom that I get to poop and pee?

What up with that Texas GOP?

Wanting to secure a primary election victory
By attacking my humanity
That don’t sit too well with me

The Texas Trans community
Just wants the opportunity
To be fabulous and free
And that sentiment is expressed unanimously

So I’ll fight you incessantly
To kill this legislative insanity
Until you back up off my community
And let us be

So to Austin I’ll zoom
And sit for hours in a hearing room
So it’s way past time
To kill HB 2899

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