Having A Wonderful Harvard Visit

Have enjoyed my visit to Boston so far.   To be correct, I’m actually staying in Cambridge, MA,  close to the Harvard University campus.  My hotel room has an amazing view of the Charles River, and from time to time I can see members of the Harvard rowing team going up and down the river..

I’ve also enjoyed the fact it’s been much cooler here than it has been at home, and the first night I was here the temp dropped to 30 degrees and had to turn the thermostat up in my room and grab the extra blanket out of the closet.   I knew this was possible before I flew up here, so I was prepared for it.

Packed my coats and sweaters and deliriously happy I’m getting a chance to wear them.

I always forget something on these trips, and this time what I forgot was my umbrella.   It figures that the one time I leave it back in Houston we get rain here in the area.   Hasn’t been heavy, but just enough to be an annoyance.

Also had an amazing visit to the JFK Presidential Library and Museum today, and a mini tour of Boston that took me past Fenway Park, The Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Berklee College of Music, UMass, and MIT.

Interestingly enough, on my mini tour of Boston I passed by the Roxbury area apartment at 397 Massachusetts Ave. that the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr lived in from 1952-53 when he was a doctoral student at Boston University.

The other interesting point about that is Maria Dominguez Gray, the executive director of the Phillips Brooks House Association and one of my gracious hosts here, once lived in that first floor apartment for several years and told me some amusing stories about that time in her life.

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My Phillips Brooks House Association hosts and the various student leaders I’ve had an opportunity to meet have been amazing and eager to discuss their various student led programs they offer, and last night I got an opportunity to tour the drop in facility they provide for homeless youth

It’s something I would love to see replicated across the nation to help alleviate the LGBTQ homeless youth problem

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The business end of my trip happens later today when I actually get to step on the Harvard Yard and be presented with the Robert Coles Call Of Service Award.  I give a lecture and participate in a panel discussion.

Time to get some sleep.  I’ll need it for the busy day still to come.

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