Hate At NC State Turns To Hope

When you start pimping hate legislation as the Republicans in North Carolina are trying to do with this proposed constitutional ban on same gender marriage, it sends a dog whistle message to the unhinged haters in the state that it’s okay to let it flow against that marginalized group.

Some wastes of DNA last Monday vandalized the Harrelson Hall officesof North Carolina State’s GLBT Center in the state capital of Raleigh between 8:30 and 10 PM EDT by spraying purple paint on the doors of the center and its glass display case.   The graffiti was down by Tuesday, and no arrests have been made as of yet.

“What we understand it to be is a crime motivated by hate bias,” GLBT Center Director Justine Hollingshead said.   Police are investigating it because defacing state property is a crime in North Carolina but have declined to state as to whether they are investigating the incident as a bias crime.

The center opened in 2008 to serve the 3.15% of the student body that identified as members of the rainbow community on campus and what touched the GLBT Center folks and the TBLG students on campus was the outpouring of support they received from their fellow NC State students in the wake of the attack. 

At a SGA meeting Tuesday night, members of Student Government voted in favor
of two bills promoting diversity on campus. In one of the bills
Senators passed, they voted to send a letter to the legislature in
Raleigh on behalf of the entire student body. The letter will tell the
state lawmakers that the N.C. State students are fully against the constitutional ban of gay marriage.

A ‘State Not Hate’ rally was planned in two days and executed October 28 which drew over 500 students faculty and staff members with NC State Provost Warwick Arden, Vice Chancellor Thomas Stafford, and other university figures speaking out
about the center’s importance and the value of diversity on

Arden called the vandalism “a reprehensible act of hatred and
intimidation.”as a petition condemning the attack began to circulate that has received over 1000 signatures. 

If those wastes of DNA who committed the crime has the intention of terrorizing the LGBT community at NC State with their reprehensible actions, what they revealed instead was how much support they have instead..

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