Happy Wakanda Day!

The hate is still flowing from vanillacentric privileged folks mad that Black Panther is hitting the multiplexes today and probably by the end of this weekend will be the number one movie in America

You mad about that?   Stay mad.

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White supremacists are tripping about this film to the point where they were plotting to jack with the film’s scores on the Rotten Tomatoes website by inundating it with negative reviews.  Wouldn’t be surprised in FOX Noise VP John Moody comes up with another racist op-ed attacking this movie.

Even Breitbart’s shady azz, that never missed an opportunity to demonize trans people and the LGBTQ community, had the nerve to post a story asking where was the TBLGQ representation in this movie.   Your azzes were mute about the topic when it came to Star Wars and every other white dominated superhero movie, so stay mute about this one.

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While they hate, Black Panther is selling out theaters and has become a cultural touchstone moment for Black America.

Happy Black History Month!   What was that noise Hollywood that movies with Black superheroes don’t draw a great box office?   Blade ring a bell?

Who Are the Dora Milaje

It’s also nice seeing a superhero who looks like us and coincidentally happens to be royalty on top of it.  It is a joy to see a movie that is unapologetically immersed in our African culture.   It is also going to be so cool to see all the kick butt women who are part of this movie from Queen Mother Ramonda to Princess Shuri, the genius kid sister of T’Challa, to the Dora Milaje.

So no conservadevils, we will not allow you to steal our joy in Black Panther debuting now that Wakanda Day is finally here.

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It’s even more important for our kids to see themselves reflected on the silver screen   That’s probably the major reason why you conservafools and vanillacentric privileged clueless peeps are hatin’ on the film.. 

This is not ‘just a movie’ to Black America.  My friends who have already seen it are raving about it in their words being a love letter to Blackness, and it’s making me even more determined to see it this weekend.

Well, y’all can be mad and stay mad as we in Black America and our allies and accomplices head to the multiplexes to see this long awaited  movie which will probably end up getting a sequel.

A sequel in which if they follow the Black Panther story, will end up with Princess Shuri becoming Queen of Wakanda and by extension, the next Black Panther. 

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