Happy Valentines Day 2020

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Happy Valentines Day people!   This is the first V-Day of the 2020’s  and I’m spending it like I have for the majority of the 2000’s and 2010’s. 

As usual I bought my own damned candy, and will probably be on the couch later tonight watching rom coms while scarfing down a pint of Blue Bell

It’s ironic that just a few days ago I found the open letter I wrote to Trinity about relationships while searching for another post.

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While I’m alone on this Valentine’s Day 2020, I’m not lonely.   I basically made the call that I’m waiting for a quality person to come into my life, whoever they may be.    I continue to draw inspiration for all the couples i see in Trans World who are happily married, and keep hope alive it may happen for me someday.

Then again, I’ve been notoriously slow to recognize that person until they have moved on.

So for all you peeps booed up, especially in Trans World, more power to you.   Hope you have a wonderful and amazing V-Day.

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For those of you who are celebrating Single Appreciation Day, may you find someone either today or in the future who looks at you like Melania does PM Justin Trudeau

And now, it’s time for me to start tackling this pile of rom-com  DVDs I have waiting for me to watch them.

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