Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

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Today is Valentine’s Day and as usual I’m spending it by myself.   While I am blessed with many talents, finding myself in a long term relationship is not one of them.

So I’m buying my own chocolate, some ice cream and Hershey’s chocolate syrup to go with it, and I’m perusing my stack of DVD’s to for my Black romance movie marathon I will indulge myself with later today.

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The ironic thing is when I started my transition in 1994, I put myself on a two year dating moratorium so that I could get adjusted to being me, deal with morphing into the new body an the second puberty issues that come with it,  and get a few years into the social transition before I attempted to tackle dating while trans.

And I’m still looking for that quality person to get in a relationship with

After witnessing several couples get married last year or seeing peeps I know who are in happy and healthy  relationships short and long term, that does allow me to keep hope alive that it will happen for me someday.  

We’ll see.   But for those of you who are booed up, I ain’t mad at you on this day that is for lovers.

Happy Valentine’s Day people.   And now, time to hit the Blue Bell.and flip on the DVD player.

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