Happy Valentines Day 2016

Happy Valentines Day 2016!  Love is in the air and I’m looking forward to seeing happen two anticipated weddings of trans couples this year.

Of course many of us are already aware of the upcoming nuptials of Precious and Myles this summer, and have seen episode of Say Yes To The Dress  that she was featured in.  It is going to be fun to finally see them jump the broom to the land of matrimony

But Precious and Myles  aren’t the only trans couple I’m aware of that is getting married this year. Laila Villanueva and Logan Ireland are also stepping down the aisle less than 100 days from now. They are representative of the estimated 15,000 trans people serving in our nation’s armed forces, and they got the opportunity to meet the Commander in Chief himself at the White House last year.

To both couples, love y’all both, and I wish you long, happy and healthy marriages.

As for those of you who have asked when it is going to happen for me, that depends on whether the right person comes along in my life at this juncture.  While I am blessed with many talents that I excel at, one of the things that has eluded me over the years is a long term relationship.  

I joke that I have been wandering the dating Sinai for so long that the paired off Israelites passed me up on their way to the matrimony Promised Land and shake their heads.

But for those of you who are in relationships on this Valentines Day 2016,, I am happy for you.

One of the things I am also happy to see is that the men who love us are on the verge (if they aren’t doing so already) of naming and proudly proclaiming it while dealing with the issues that come with that.

 I’m talking about the trans attracted men, and despite the shutdown by some loud and wrong transwomen of that panel in Chicago, it is not going to stop the conversation from happening, and has created even more interest in having it.

Trans women need to hear that the men who love them are proud of them and see them shout it to the rooftops instead of the shame inducing current pattern for both parties of keeping those relationships secret.

We have worked hard, gone through many trials and tribulations and spent lots of money at times to live in our truth, and it’s past time that the men who love us be unafraid to live in theirs as well.

We have a shared responsibility to get society on board with the idea that choosing to love a trans women is no different than preferring cis women who are brunette, blonde, tall, petite, older, younger, non-white, white, et cetera.

Love is love, and if dating or marrying a trans woman is going to make you happy, then handle your romantic business and do so.    

And as the HerStory YouTube series, the Game Face documentary and the movie Boy Meets Girl all point out, there are cis women who are increasingly kissing trans girls and discovering they like it and the trans woman they kissed enough to want to be in a relationship with them be it short or long term.  There are cis girls kissing trans guys and also ending up in long term relationships and marriages with them.

But the main point of this Valentine’s Day post is that trans folks, be they trans masculine, trans feminine or non-binary, deserve and are worthy of being loved.

And what better day than Valentines Day to spread that message.

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