Happy Valentine’s Day 2015!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you TransGriot readers who are booed up, in long term relationships, engaged or married.

On this day dedicated to love and all lovers, I was happy along with everyone else in Trans World to hear that our fave power couple in Myles Brady and Precious Davis have gotten engaged.

And I couldn’t be happier for them.

Going to be fun to watch as they not only set their wedding date, but see them put together their wedding.

As for when that will happen for me?  Don’t know.  It’s one of the areas in my life that hasn’t been as successful for me as I would like, and I haven’t really focused on it.

If it’s meant for me to be in a relationship, cool.  If it’s not, I’ll deal with it.  As I said in last year’s VDay post,. as long as I have chocolate, Hershey’s chocolate syrup and Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream, I’m good. 

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all.

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