Happy Turkey Day 2019

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I have received an early Christmas present in terms of being able to be in Louisville breaking bread for the first time in a decade with my chosen family and friends. 

And no, this time we’re not having a turducken as we did one Thanksgiving, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised it Dawn pulled one out of the oven for this dinner we’re going to happily scarf down in few hours.

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While I’m getting to spend the day (and this week) with my chosen family, and know I’ll be spending Christmas with my blood family, I realize on this day I am blessed to do so.   Most trans people go into the holidays not able to have holiday dinners with their families.

If you find yourself in that situation today, find your chosen family and break bread with them.   If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, hope that you take the opportunity to reach out to trans folks who are home for the holidays with no place to go.

In a few hours, I’ll be engaging in another |cherished holiday tradition of hating on my favorite NFL turkeys, the Dallas Cowboys while I eat dinner and hoping they get carved up by the opposition.

Happy Turkey Day y’all

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