Happy TransParent Day 2015!

Yesterday was TransParent Day, a day founded by Erica Fields and Sharon Brackett in 2009 that recognizes the parents of trans kids or those parents who are trans themselves.

TransParent Day got its start because Erica Fields’ daughter expressed her concerns that Father’s Day didn’t feel right to her in the wake of Erica’s transition, and suggested that they pick another Sunday date to celebrate their relationship.

They chose the first Sunday in November, and Sharon Brackett, feeling this idea was just too good for the Fields family to keep it to themselves, quickly registered the TransParentDay.org website and set about promoting it at the 2009 Southern Comfort Conference.

The idea turned out to be popular when Fields and Brackett laid out their vision at SCC, and on November 1, 2009 it was launched

Now Trans Parent Day is seven years old, and is more relevant than ever because of the increase in visibility of trans kids like Jazz and her amazing parents.  

I have also had the pleasure of getting to know amazing trans people who are either currently raising or have raised cis kids, and a few trans people who are in the situation of being parents who are raising trans kids.

We Trans World peeps now have a day dedicated to recognizing those parents, our kids and those special families that happens on the first Sunday in November!  

Happy Trans Parent Day!   We definitely need to make certain that more people are aware of the November 6 date of Trans Parent Day 2016 and we celebrate it in style.


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