Happy Transgender Flag Day 2018!

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It was on this date in 1999 that Monica Helms created the pink, white and blue striped transgender flag that in less than two decades since its first appearance in a Phoenix parade in 2000, has become the universally accepted flag and symbol for the international  trans community.

As a testament to its increasing international acceptance as a symbol for our community, it has not only inspired the painting of a Washington DC crosswalk in the trans pride flag colors, but giant trans pride flags have been created for parades in Mexico City, Palm Springs and last year in Los Angeles.

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The LA trans flag carried during the 2017 LA Resist march is the current world record holder at 25 feet 6 inches by 160 feet  (7.8 meters by 48.7 meters). It beats the Palm Springs trans pride flag by 1580 square feet  (146.8 square meters).   The Palm Springs flag eclipsed the giant Mexican trans flag.

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If you’re wondering what happened to original flag that Monica Helms created, the original trans flag that Helms (far right in the pic) created is currently housed at the Smithsonian as part of its LGBT History Collection.   It was proudly displayed at the White House during the last LGBT Pride Reception of the Obama presidency in 2016.

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This celebration of Transgender Flag Day comes at a challenging time for the US community in which we have a transphobic idiot in the White House and a (in) Justice Department that is attempting to roll back the meager gains we have made human rights wise in this country.

Meanwhile, we watch as rights are expanding for trans people elsewhere around the world. 

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But as always, we will fight the trans oppressors tooth and nail.   We trans folks and our accomplices will continue to fight for the day that trans rights are a reality in all 50 states, and take our revenge at the ballot box this November against the legislators who oppose us. 

Happy Transgender Flag Day 2018!

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