Happy Trans New Year 2016!

This is the first full week of 2016, and after a year like the previous one in which it seems the word ‘transgender’ was on everyone’s lips, what can we do to build on that progress, locally, nationally and globally?

We  have much work to do over the next 52 weeks.  Part of the work we have to do in the 2K16 is stating the obvious.  We must take our butts to the polls, vote for the folks who govern us at the city, county, state and federal levels in addition to the person who is going to succeed President Obama in the White House next January.

That 2016 presidential election by the way, is also one that will determine the makeup of the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary for the next 25 years, since the next president could appoint up to four SCOTUS justices and also federal judges to replace the ones hitting retiring age who were appointed by Reagan and GHW Bush

So yes trans peeps, get registered to vote, and exercise it on November 8 and in your state primary elections when they happen.  If you don’t like the selection of candidates offered, then consider running  for office your damned self.

In 2016 we have no choice but to continue fighting for our human rights and our humanity since we have right wing legislators and activists, pissed off they lost on marriage last year, now seeking to demonize and criminalize the existence of trans people.   The Forces of Intolerance are also seeking to do reparative therapy on our trans kids and attack trans friendly school board policies.

Yes, the trans rights fight requires us to multitask.   As we seek to change laws and policies to protect our human rights, we also have to continue the ongoing education efforts that have the goal of expanding knowledge about who we are, dispelling myths, and making the world safe for trans kind.

One of the things we trans folks must be careful about is our safety.  I pray that we do not exceed the record 20 trans people we lost in the United States in 2015.

I am looking forward to seeing my trans fam at the different conventions we attend like Creating Change in Chicago, the Black Trans Advocacy Conference in Dallas,  the Philly Trans Health Conference, Southern Comfort and Fantasia Fair just to name a few and whatever events pop up like the Trans Wpmen of Color one did last year..

I hope I finally get the chance to go to the LGBT Pride Reception this year because this will be the last one that President Obama will preside over.

I hope to finally get an opportunity to meet some trans icons this year like Lauren Foster, Caroline Cossey, Tracey Jada O`Brien, Tracey Norman and Justina Williams just to name a few.  

Hey, just putting it out there. I can be a fangirl at times, and just getting the opportunity to listen to the wisdom and life experiences of these women would be awesome to this trans historian.  

We`ll see if it happens for me.  And yes, trans younglings, looking forward to meeting and talking to you peeps as well.

And finally, hope that the positive trans developments continue happening for our trans cousins around the world.  

If and when it does, you know in this tenth anniversary year for TransGriot, I`ll hopefully be on the scene to cover it.


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