Happy Trans Day Of Visibility 2016!

Today is the Trans Day of Visibility on our side of the International Date Line.  It is a rapidly growing day founded by Rachel Crandall in which we trans folks around the globe celebrate every March 31 being our fabulous selves, and demand that our humanity and human rights be respected and protected.

Unlike last year, when I spent the Transgender Day of Visibility at a White House trans women of color policy briefing event, this year I’m in the Houston city limits for TDOV..

In light of the Republican anti-trans legislative assault we are enduring in several states right now and loud calls from elements of the white gay male community to kick trans people to the political curb for their own selfish gain, #TDOV2016 couldn’t come at a more critical time for our American trans community and our trans brothers and sisters around the globe.

Trans rights are human rights. Our humanity as trans people is not up for theological debate or discussion. Deal with it.

We’re not only tired of it in Trans World, we’re tired of the attempts of Republican politicians to legislate anti-trans bigotry or using it as a Trojan Horse to repeal human rights coverage for everyone.  And we damned sure aren’t as trans elders tolerating attacks on our trans younglings. We will go to war to protect our trans kids and ensure they have a better life than we trans elders did.

And yes GOP, as you’ll find out on November 8, we trans people vote.

We trans people are also tired of anti-trans bigotry and hatred being peddled in our TBLGIQ community ranks and it’s past time to eradicate it.  Now more than ever, we need our cis family and friends to stand up and declare in one voice that they love their trans family and friends, and will unconditionally love, support and stand with them.

My trans brothers and sisters are beautifully human and part of the diverse mosaic of humanity, and #TDOV2016 is another chance to drive that point home.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility, everyone!  .I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to support the trans community by attending a Transgender Day of Visibility event happening in your various locales today.


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