Happy Thanksgiving TransGriot Readers

You Canadian TransGriot readers got your Thanksgiving grub on last month and today is the day that I and the rest of us in the States get to do so.

We get our opportunity to partake in getting our grub on, watching football with family and friends, being thankful for the blessings I and the peeps I love have have received this year and being thankful that Barack Obama is the POTUS and not a Republifool.

I also get to see how well I did picking the three NFL games that will happen later today. 

Wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving since I’m planning on taking a break from the computer for the day.   May you have abundant blessings, tasty food, pleasant company, minimal drama  and safe travels to and from your holiday destinations.

If there is any breaking news that warrants me interrupting my turkeyfest to post, or I just have some thought that pops into my head I’ve got to share with you, it’ll get posted.  .

And no, I’m not planning on getting up early and going anywhere near a mall or strip shopping center tomorrow depite the fact that everybody in my family knows I’m a night owl. 

Happy Thanksgiving TransGriot readers!

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