Happy TDOV 2019, Everyone!

Today is not on the Transgender Day of Visibility, it is the tenth anniversary celebration of this day

It is a day that Rachel Crandall-Crocker created in 2009 to celebrate our trans successes and those of us visibly living and unapologetically being our awesome trans selves.  It has grown from a Michigan centric event to one that now spans the country and increasingly the world.

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In four days I will mark the 25th anniversary of my nervously walking into IAH’s Terminal C clocking in for work that day as me for the first time.

My life began on that April 4 day. It has been an amazing 25 years full of ups and downs, but it hasn’t been boring. I get to do some amazing things, and I have gained an international family of trans people and supporters as a result.

I am also blessed to have a cadre of amazing cis women that have my back and were instrumental in helping me understand the journey I was about to embark upon.

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I’m blessed that in these 25 years since I transitioned, I’ve been able to blaze trails and make history as I navigate my amazing life while evolving to become a better version of myself.

I don’t have any kids, but I gained a whole lot of trans nieces and nephews along the way in addition to my two biological nieces.

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I’m also pleased and proud to be considered a role model and mentor to the generations of trans people coming behind me. 

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By stepping into Terminal C 25 years ago, I began to own my power and become the unapologetic Black trans woman you see standing before you today .

We can’t forget on this TDOV day the trans and gender non conforming people who are non-disclosed for safety or other reasons.  You also play an important role in helping all of us gain our human rights and defending our humanity against all who would attack it for their own nefarious political gain.

When you are ready to take that visibility step,, your community will be waiting with open arms.  In the meantime, those of us who are visible will continue to fight to make the world a better place so that you can feel comfortable in taking those steps into unapologetic trans visibility.

Trans right are human rights.   And on this tenth TDOV, we are once again shouting that message as loud as we can until people get it.

Let’s change the world together, starting today.

Happy TDOV everyone.

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