Happy Milestone Birthday, Lauren!

Transgender Supermodel Lauren Foster Fights for LGBTQ Rights in Miami

“i’m not a fetish.  I’m not a sideshow. I’m not a trend. I’m none of those things.  I feel like I have a target on my head now   But I don’t reside in my trans-ness; I don’t live there.  I’m just another woman:

-Lauren Foster

Today is the milestone birthday of South African born and Miami resident, advocate, model and just another girl Lauren Foster who I have mad love and respect for.   We talk and chat from time to time and I’m looking forward to the day that we can FINALLY meet in person.

Image result for Lauren Foster University of Miami hospital

When she’s not being her fabulous self, her day job is being the Director Concierge and LGBTQ Coordinator at the University of Miami Hospital where she helps folks navigate the gender confirmation surgery process with Dr. Chris Salgado.

And yeah, she is one amazing person that I hope to finally get to spend some quality time with in 2018.

Happy milestone birthday Lauren!   May you celebrate many more of them

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