Happy Milestone Birthday, Hillary Clinton

Had one of my posts from last year pop up to remind me once again how badly this country was screwed when the Orange Moron got elected

Today is Hillary Clinton’s birthday, and she was born on this date 70 years ago in Chicago.   Would’ve been wonderful for our nation if she was celebrating this 70th birthday from the White House.as POTUS

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And yeah, I’m not going to let you far left wing Hillary haters forget how you shortsighted animus for this accomplished woman and you letting your hurt fee fees over her beating St Bernard of Sanders led to this nightmare of a presidency were going to have to spend years cleaning up the mess from.

Happy milestone birthday Madame President Secretary!   Thank you for the years you have served our country as our First lady, a senator and the previous Secretary of State.when we had a coherent goals oriented foreign policy.

.We could’ve had another intelligent, well prepared person in the Oval Office, but now we have a petulant man baby(emphasis on baby) with his tiny hands on the nuke launch codes.

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