Happy King Day To You!

Today is the national holiday in the States that since 1986 we have celebrated the life and legacy of the man who Tavis Smiley calls the greatest American our people ever produced.  It’s one of the few things lately me and Tavis Smiley see eye to eye on these days, but he’s correct.

Dr. King’s words are timeless and even more apropos and prescient in the second decade of the 21st century as they were when he first wrote or spoke them during his all too brief lifetime.

At some point during this MLK Day celebration I’m going to take some time during it to reread some of his essays and speeches and do as he called it some hard, solid thinking about them in the context of the human rights struggle that transpeople are waging for their own liberation from intolerance, anti-trans violence aimed at us and transphobic hatred.

I want to do my part to make rel the promises of democracy for America’s trans citizens. . 

I hope those of you who are reading this take some time to think about what you can do to help the trans community expand human rights for us and by doing so expand them for yourselves.

Happy King Day, TransGriot readers!

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