Happy International Women’s Day 2018!

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It hit me while I was on this road trip to Austin admiring the blooming bluebonnets along TX 71 that today I International Women’s Day!

So I definitely wanted to take a moment while I’m chilling in Travis County for a minute to say Happy International Women’s day to all my sisters cis and trans.

It’s an interesting one so far.   We have more women stepping up to run for office in this 2018 cycle.  We just had a March For Black Women here in Houston that had 2000 people in attendance.

But International Women’s Day sometimes brings mixed emotions for those of us in TransWorld.  Our femininity gets feminized by friend, for and frenemy, so it leaves us trans women feeling at times that we’re not part of Team Woman or what this day is meant to celebrate. 

Yes, you are, because trans women ARE women, and we have and will continue to do our part to help uplift women everywhere and build sisterhood in our ranks .

Happy International Women’s Day!

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