Happy International Women’s Day 2016

‘International Women’s Day also includes the issues that impact and ail trans feminine women across Planet Earth . Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t.’

–TransGriot,  March 8, 2015

I said that in my post concerning last year’s observanceof International Women’s Day, and that still rings true 366 days later.

Today is International Women’s Day, which is observed internationally every March 8.  it originally started in 1909 as a campaign for better pay and voting rights, it has evolved as a day to celebrate the achievements of women across the globe in the social, political, economic and cultural realms. 

it is also a call to action to speed up the day that gender parity happens.

But sadly, this year’s theme, Pledge For Parity, speaks to just how far we have to go to actually get to full equality for women across the planet.  On a day that has its roots in agitating for voting rights and equal pay, it’s sad to note that Saudi Arabia’s women just received the right to vote last year, and the numbers of women who have led their nations is still a very small sorority.

It’s also past time to equalize pay for men and women doing the same jobs.  We have families in which women not only head the household , but whose income from those jobs are helping them to raise kids.

As to where trans women fit in this International Women’s Day conversation, as women of trans experience that understand all too well how feminine bodies are demonized and dehumanized, we have our voices to add to this conversation.   We also need to discuss how trans feminine women are fighting tooth and nail just for human rights recognition in our various nations.

We also need to talk this moment to point out that fighting for the human rights of trans feminine people expands human rights for cis women.

Happy International Women’s Day to all my sisters, cis and trans..


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