Happy February 29!

Happy February 29!  This is a day that you get to see on the calendar every four years.  It’s also the interesting timing to me that it happens during US presidential election years and Summer Olympiads.

So we get an extra day in this month of February, and an extra day of Black History Month.  But as far as I’m concerned, every month is Black History Month, and I’ll continue with my ongoing mission of exposing you to Black trans history makers of the past and present.

But the reason we have the extra day on the calendar is so our calendars stay accurate.  Planet Earth takes 365 days and roughly 6 hours to make one trip around the sun. After four of those trips the six hours part of the solar year accrues into an extra day, so in order to keep our calendars as accurate as possible we add the extra day to it,
An extra day that for the about 4.1 million people around the world is their actual birthday.   Happy birthday to all you Leaplings born on this day.   That’s what people born on this day are called and who have this unique birthday.

In case you’re wondering what day do the Leaplings celebrate their birthday on in non-leap years, some do so on February 28, while others do so on March 1.

But enjoy this extra day on the calendar.            

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